At Bilal Furniture | bilalfurniture.pk, we ensure the durability of our products. 

Wood Warranty: 

  • Comprehensive 2-year warranty against termite damage. 
  • Excludes mixed wood products and post-purchase structural issues. 
  • Prompt repair initiation within 10 working days. 

Foam Warranty: 

  • 5-year warranty on first-quality foam. 
  • Claims forwarded to reputable foam companies. 
  • Terms governed by foam company policies. 

To initiate a claim, provide the original invoice to Bilal Furniture. 

Please note: Ball fiber filling and fabric are not covered under warranty. 

Claim Procedure: 

  • Review ‘Terms & Conditions’ for claim eligibility. 
  • Contact us via email or website complaint form. 
  • Include order number and issue details in the subject line. 
  • Response within 5 working days from our customer service team. 

Contact our Warranty Claims Team for assistance during business hours.